Keep Your Day Job Singing For Tweens, Biebs

Justin Bieber is lashing out at Laura Ingraham after the Fox News host mocked slain rapper Nipsey Hussle on her show.
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Politically speaking, Justin Bieber couldn’t find his asshole with a flashlight. Nobody gives a shit what you or Mrs. John Legend think, Biebs!!

Everyone is ENTITLED to their own opinion, that’s why crybaby’s such as yourself are given airtime. Someone please tell me when did our once great, proud nation turn into a bunch of poontangs?? I agree what Laura said to some could be viewed as inappropriate or insensitive, but the song Fuck, Donald Trump isn’t?? It’s also a fucking OPINION!! Jesus Christ!! If I got fired, kicked off of WP or whatever for voicing my opinions, I’d be an extremely fired mother fucker.

Dear All Crybaby’s,

Go find a “safe space” together. Cry it out, talk it out or circle jerk one another for all I give a shit but please for the love of all that’s good and right, shut the fuck up!!!!


We’re All Going To Hell and Our Elected Officials Are Driving The Bus

As I’ve watched this dog and pony shitshow of a federal government shutdown, I’ve had a sudden epiphany. I don’t know why I could not see this clearly before as I am well versed on politics and have voted in every national, state and local race since I turned eighteen years old. I suppose it’s because the older generation (i.e. my parents) have had my psyche held hostage to the false assumption that EVERYTHING that is wrong in government is the opposite parties fault. I’m actually a bit embarrassed that it took me this long, and have had to have this much therapy to think for myself.

None of these politicians have the well being and best interests of Joe/Jane American concerning them. What is concerning them are the mega-pac super donors and big spenders on their campaigns and THEIR special interests. It’s nauseating. I am unapologetically a Trump voter. I can not continue to say supporter because he’s just as bad as the rest of them. The main reason I voted for him was because the status quo was obviously not working anymore so I thought that perhaps some radical change would be the answer. Granted the POTUS is a misogynistic, homophobic, pussy grabbing animal….but hell, who am I to judge. Besides Bill Clinton got sucked off IN the Oval Office and bricked all over Monica’s fancy blue dress, so what’s a paid off porn star and a little pussy grabbing among consenting adults?!?

I digress, though. He, as it turns out is just as smarmy and full of shit as all of the rest of those self serving asshats. We’re all going to hell and the Cheeto colored fuck, Lying Hilary, Nancy P. and that simpering cocksucker Chuck are driving the bus!!

Participation Medals

The following is my opinion. Some of you may agree with me. Some of you may disagree with me. All I ask is if you choose to debate me on my topic that you be respectful of me and my opinion as I will be of you. I do not agree with the current political climate on either side of the isle and I think that the way that ALL of our elected officials show absolutely no civility or the ability to agree to disagree politely is appalling and if this continues will be the downfall of society and eventually the undoing of mankind itself. Deep shit for a fluffy blogger housewife, eh?!? That being said, here I go. Start rant:

When did participation medals start being the norm?? Don’t get me wrong who wants to see any child especially their own give it their all and walk away heartbroken anyway? As a parent I get this self esteem boosting, everyone is a winner mentality. I totally get it BUT I feel like that is just setting a child up for heartbreak later on in life because in this world there are winners and there are losers. Period. In sports, business, politics and just about every aspect of life. If children are getting participation medals throughout their lives and consider themselves #winning then get out in the real world what does that give you? I’ll tell you what it gives you, it gives you a generation of young adults throwing temper tantrums in society mainly on college campuses when they disagree or don’t get their way. Safe spaces because they don’t agree with election results for Pete’s sake?!?! Give me a fucking break. I don’t give sailing shit about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or 99.5% of all of the current politicians. I think they are all full of shit and are a VERY poor example as leaders for our youth. The thing is when you win, you learn to win graciously. When you lose, you learn to lose graciously, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and work your ass off that much harder in order to succeed. In my life I have won and I have lost but I can assure you, that I have NEVER, EVER been the recipient of a participation medal. As a matter of fact when my children were given participation medals I succinctly explained to them why, then asked that they politely return them. Harsh? I don’t think so. Both of my children are college graduates with my son starting medical school in January, they are gracious, successful, driven young adults who do not go to pieces when they don’t agree or things don’t go their way. This is my opinion and I’m sticking to it rant over.