I Hear Banjos

Has the whole fucking world gone mad?!?

Racism, Sexism, Sadism, Homophobia, mass murders, genocide, Necrophilia……the political mud slinging has turned into politicians slinging their own shit….we are fighting other countries, we are fighting amongst ourselves!! Has EVERYONE forgotten that we are but one race??? The HUMAN fucking race! Climate change, an errant asteroid strike or Alien life is not going to destroy us. We are doing a mighty fine job of that shit ourselves!! Much more quickly than any of the above ever could.

I’ve studied many, many different religions and ethnicities and at the very core of each and EVERY belief system, they are the same. Love your God, whomever that may be and be kind, generous and do right by your “neighbor”! None of these religions say only do so if your neighbor looks, acts or worships the exact same way as you. WTF is the matter with most of society?!? Try a little love instead of hate. Empathy instead of judgement. Acceptance instead of fear. I’m no great mind or brilliant philosopher, yet I understand this with crystal clarity. If others can not do the same, I suggest we start paddling faster….I hear banjos!



  1. Thank you, I feel very passionate about certain things and the out of control “labels” that the media and a few extremists have put on things has quite literally changed a great deal of societies perspectives. When the hell did everyone stop thinking for themselves and start being led around like sheeple?!? It pisses me off that so few can change the perspective of so many, with just an over the top headline. The people that do this truly don’t give a shit about us average, everyday persons. They care only for themselves and/or ratings. It’s sickening.


        • After those fucking brats eating Tide Pods to get high or before that, high school (boys and girls) were soaking tampons in 180 proof booze and inserting them in their assholes to get drunk, NOTHING surprises me anymore. That’s why most millennials are so god damn stupid, they probably got brain damage from the Pods, and synthetic marijuana and Toxic Shock Syndrome from plugging hootch up their assholes. Judgement day is NEAR, at least I hope it is😉


        • I never, ever thought of getting intoxicated from the business end of my body. 😀 If your faith in millennials hasn’t been fractured enough, check this out:

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        • Oh it’s plenty fractured and has been for years!! Thanks for reinforcing the fact that we are all going to hell and those fuckfaces are driving the bus!

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