Those Who Fight Monsters

9 thoughts on “Those Who Fight Monsters”

  1. *hands over the sword, the shield, the helmet…* Sweetie – it takes a badass to come out and call all hell down on their mental illness. You’re a badass. We all know it! Warrior Queen, shield maiden, Amazon, Jean D’Arc… take your pick.

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      1. Mmm hmm… I’m not worried about you floating away – you’ve got the mug in your hand with what? Half a gallon of high test coffee in there? You’re not going anywhere.
        It’s still very difficult to step out and be vulnerable about this squirrel’s nest in our heads. We can’t show it. There aren’t any films, or labs or anything concrete we can put out there and say “See? Here it is! I’m not just being a kook.” Ot in your case – “You remember when you did X and Y for my life? Yeah – thanks for fucking up the subroutine on my background filters. It’s going to take some serious anti-virus, patching and reprogramming to fix that shit.”

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        1. You know me so well, my friend. Highly caffeinated coffee is the nectar of the gods, and my personal go-go juice. I can honestly say I would be NOTHING without my pot and a half of coffee per day😊
          I’m learning stepping out and being vulnerable in the comfort, support and security of my WP family has been therapeutic and much easier than I would have ever imagined.

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