Happy Birthday Mini-Me

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mini-Me”

    1. Thanks B, she is the most amazing precious person alive!! She is one of those people who exudes gentleness and purity and love. She’s become an amazing wife and mother.
      Awwwww, sucks thanks. I don’t get those kinds of compliments often 🤗🤭😊
      I suppose I’d have to leave the house first😉

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        1. Hey, Billy, tic toc, tic toc….no pressure but you’ve been promising a blog for two days. I know you’re pulling out of your doldrums because you are back to your mischievous self, calling me a “bit” of a hottie. Lmao. I totally understand that you are being respectful of my marital status and these days if a woman so much as says hi to a man, much less develop a platonic friendship with him, they normally at that point think it’s open season on a barrage of unsolicited “man bit” pics. So from the bottom of my heart thanks for having respect and decency and not being one of those creepers. That being said, I see no problem whatsoever with telling a lady (and I use that term extremely loosely due to my profane mouth), that she’s a bit of anything. Haha. When you compliment, you go all in like “Jesus Christ, take my eyes, for I have seen the glory!” all in. lol. If you were just practicing on me, that’s perfectly fine too, but if you want to play the game with your local lady friends, listen to the coach (me) please….I’m giving you some valuable insight must men are too dense, or not as lucky enough to have an outspoken lady friend, such as myself.
          Always remember, below the belt shots, unless specifically asked for, are like kryptonite to decent women. Haha!!
          As for the world, it is beautiful….that’s why I have books AND cable TV. I don’t REALLY trust my control of myself in societal situations. I’m a loose cannon, B. It’s safer to just stay inside with my family and leave the big beautiful world for the “normal” people. Glad that you are coming around. That is the main thing I love about WP. All of the encouragement and support, from new friends, old friends and ones peers. No judgement, just encouragement. A far cry from all of the sniping on Facebook or The Tweeter, that’s why I don’t have any other “social media” besides WP….I’m far too opinionated and when the mood strikes me mean as a pit viper. Not a good combination. Start cranking out some blogs, amigo, you know good and damn well they make you feel better.🤗🤔✌️

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        2. Yes, I flirted a little bit because I AM respectful. I am actually very comfortable flirting with women but I would never stoop to Dick pics, they’re classless.
          I started a blog the other night and lost interest. I’m just not feeling it right now. My readership is in the shitter and I don’t have much to say.
          I’ll be back, but in the interim thanks for staying with me. You’re the best

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        3. I know that you are a good, decent man, B, or I would have been offended. It was a compliment, I took it as such, and thank you. It tickles any almost 50 year old woman to be called a hottie, even if it’s from “some old dude.”😂😂😂😂😂😂
          I also know that you would never do that, because through your blog I’ve seen the kind of person you are and know good and damn well that you would never do something so undignified. You are a mason, I’m from a family full of them, with a few exceptions, just like anywhere, I know what kind of men Masons are.
          Your readership is in the shitter?? You have like 500 and something people following you, that’s not so bad. Who cares if 80% of them don’t bother reading. You are forgetting your small circle of IMPORTANT people that read you religiously. If you write for no one else, you should write for that small circle of people that you uplift enough to battle their own demons that day with the same grace, dignity and humor that you do. Quality not quantity is the most important. I understand even brilliant writers such as yourself might lose sight of that sometimes. You are not peddling your memoirs, you are helping some of your fellow men/women (okay I had to be a tiny bit PC there, now please excuse me while I vomit in my mouth for a second😂) who look up to you because of the way you handle your illness and your life in general. We are only human. You are entitled to bad days just as much as anyone, just don’t let it keep you down. Count your blessings, like I do, even if I’m having a bad day seeing how many blessings I truly have. You are a blessing to several people that I don’t know, follow or follow me back, but I can tell how much your writing impacts them just by their obvious concern and love in their comments to you.
          As for me being the best, ummmmm, I know. Duh 🤦🏼‍♀️😊
          That’s why you put up with reading the profanity and bullshit that is my blog!! Haha!!


  1. You are quite welcome, I know you’d do the same for me. We are a lot alike in many ways, I just had to figure out the best way to come at you to get through. Tough love wasn’t working but I KNOW by how selfless you are that you’re a creme puff about others. I’ve got your “number” now buckaroo, so remember that!! lol!! When you give of yourself as kindly as you do, it’s bound to come back around, and look, from some of the unlikeliest of places to boot. I’m not just font of obscenity, although plenty would beg to differ😉


  2. BTW, I’m surprised that you didn’t have a smart ass comment about “some old dude” in one of my prior posts. Maybe you just weren’t feeling it that day. I was only yanking your chain because you call me kiddo and you’re only a few years older than me, so I was trying to turn the tables in my delicate smart ass fashion😂


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