Teenagers: Living In The Wild

6 thoughts on “Teenagers: Living In The Wild”

  1. Tell those rotten little parasites to pick up after their own shit, and keep the noise down or you”ll be practicing wandering round nekkid and doing squats. It’s YOUR home and if they can’t live by the rules – they can be duct taped to a rolling chair and pushed down the street.

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    1. Hahaaaaa!! The only problem is they’re all bigger than me. I’m a badass but I’m getting old, I don’t reckon I could take 3 on 1 like I used to back in the gap😂😂


  2. 😈 You’re creative and know what freaks them out. A bullhorn and a whip might not be wasted. Make out with your honey and grope him. Actually post your house rules – if they don’t like it…. There’s a door.

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    1. Ha!! Lucky you!! Children are a blessing, but ALSO a curse. lol. I never planned to have children, although I adore them (as adults), they were both “accidents”! I might have not broken the cycle but I am TOTALLY cheering you on from the sidelines🥃


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