Teenagers: Living In The Wild

I used to think that animals eating their young soon after birth was icky and awful. In recent months I’ve totally reversed my opinion on such matters. As my husband and I went from happily peaceful empty nesters to having our 21 year old son, his pregnant fiancé and his sixteen year old daughter plopping down roots in our nest. Please don’t mistake what I’m saying, I adore ALL of our combined six children and their significant others but Jesus Christ on a Segway, these have got to be the 3 messiest people on the god damn planet. My being EXTREMELY OCD when it comes to order, cleanliness and germs does not help matters as I am currently hovering on the cusp of a complete nervous breakdown at any given moment. Some days they make such a mess as I run myself ragged constantly cleaning up after 3 grown ass kids, every once in a while I just wish we would have just eaten them at birth!!!

Oh and the noise, having Borderline Personality Disorder and being hypersensitive to the noise, activity and chaos keeps me in a nervous frenzy. Half the time I’m shaking so hard I look like I have a palsy of some sort.

Big brother yells at teenage sister (he’s 6’4, wears a size 13 shoe, is like having a bull in a china shop) with a big giant voice to match. Sixteen year old sister gets pissed off and ding, ding, ding Round 1!! Within no more than 45 seconds she’s shrieking like a cacophony of fucking tea kettles in Buckingham Palace at tea time and I’m headed for the Xanax. Good Times!!

Some may call this fucked up or cruel. Those same people have never raised teenagers😂

I love my bigs and littles more than a fat kid loves cake and they KNOW it♥️

Just Saying❣️



  1. Tell those rotten little parasites to pick up after their own shit, and keep the noise down or you”ll be practicing wandering round nekkid and doing squats. It’s YOUR home and if they can’t live by the rules – they can be duct taped to a rolling chair and pushed down the street.

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    • Hahaaaaa!! The only problem is they’re all bigger than me. I’m a badass but I’m getting old, I don’t reckon I could take 3 on 1 like I used to back in the gap😂😂


  2. 😈 You’re creative and know what freaks them out. A bullhorn and a whip might not be wasted. Make out with your honey and grope him. Actually post your house rules – if they don’t like it…. There’s a door.

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    • Haha! You’re a friggin’ genius, LaLa!! Don’t view them as our children, just the enemy, haha!! I like it😈😈😈😈

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    • Ha!! Lucky you!! Children are a blessing, but ALSO a curse. lol. I never planned to have children, although I adore them (as adults), they were both “accidents”! I might have not broken the cycle but I am TOTALLY cheering you on from the sidelines🥃


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