April 7, 1972: The Day Awesome Was Born

Obviously if you read my posts, you know that I’ve had a distressed, depressed past couple of days. I don’t know if it just worked out that way because of my BPD, or because since I turned forty I tend to get a bit melancholy around my birthday and I knew mine was imminent. Today is the big day and I’ve wrestled with how I should be feeling all morning.

Perhaps it’s because I never achieved the success I dreamed of when I was younger, or the fact my littles have grown into bigs that have had littles themselves, or any number of vain, vapid things….I have finally decided that this year I choose to be grateful. Although I’m not rich and/or famous, I have a rather large blended family that loves me for me despite my craziness. My littles have grown into amazing bigs that are already and also in the near future making a difference in this world. I have four happy, healthy, gorgeous grandsons and another sweet little on the way that are my heart and soul. My husband is not perfect and sometimes I feel like he doesn’t treat me like I should be treated but guess what?? The same thing could be said for me. He fucked up early in our relationship. So did I, perhaps not in the same way but equally as seriously. When it comes right down to it, he puts up with me and my tumultuous, unpredictable illness like a pro, he works his ass off to make sure that I don’t have to because the Borderline Personality Disorder makes that damn near impossible. All in all I’d have to say I’m truly very blessed in all of the ways that matter. Today was a good day to be born forty seven years ago♥️



    • I think after 21, ones birthdays come around faster and faster every year. It seems like I just had one weeks ago. lol. Just be thankful at 32 you’re still a young ‘un!! Oh mercy what I would give/do to be anywhere in my 30’s again, but to be quite honest on my 30th birthday, I made a pitcher of margaritas, sat in the tub (to mask the salty tears pouring down my face) for 4 hours and was totally shitfaced by the time I got out, so I’m right there with you even “at your age”! Just think of the horrific thought of having 50’s door coming ever so clearly into your view!! Hell, I guess I’ll just have to take comfort in the fact that I’ll receive a free magazine and a bonafide AARP card. A few years after that I’ll start getting senior citizens discounts on my sodas at restaurants. Hmmm, I wonder if those discounts apply to booze?!?!
      Worth checking into😉

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    • Not belated, today is the day…..I refer to it as B-Day, not B for birth but B for Bitch😊
      Nonetheless thank you so much for the b-day wishes, and I was a wicked, asshole rascal in my 30’s….I don’t know if I could even make it through my 30’s in one piece again. Good Times!! Thanks again❣️❣️

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  1. Happy happy birthday, Bella 🙂 I hope you had a great time, and celebrated this very special day with your loved ones!! I raise my glass to you (well… I’ll do it after work :P) Cheers! And here’s to many many more years to come!! xx

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    • Thanks, C, I truly appreciate the kind birthday wishes and raising of your glass. Make it strong in honor of me if you don’t mind! lol!


    • Thank you kindly, Billy! It was kind of a fucked up day but hubz did what he could to make it as special as possible with hurricane strength weather and no power for 6 hours….oh and a houseful of teenagers.
      Side note: On April 7, 1983, another Great Louisiana flood happened, if I remember correctly as bad as the 2016 flood was here it was only about 1/2 as bad as ‘83. My parents got 6 feet of water in our house. It was my 13th birthday. I have zero superstitious friends due to this.

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  2. Well, I’m late to the party but damn I’m glad you got born!

    I hear ya on the melancholy around “the day” – it’s like all the anticipation of a special day gets run from the time we’re like three until maybe twenty one – and then it’s all “Meh…. people”.

    I’ll imbibe as a penalty for being late. 😜😍

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    • I’d REALLY, REALLY like you to get shitfaced and high as the entire Wu Tang Clan and then attempt to make me a precious glitterati card that I know that you were FUBAR while making, but I’ll take what I can get! Thank you my sweet, precious LaLa!! Just your sweet words are more than enough for me.
      I’d totally be a low maintenance same sex partner!! 😂😂

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