April 7, 1972: The Day Awesome Was Born

27 thoughts on “April 7, 1972: The Day Awesome Was Born”

    1. I think after 21, ones birthdays come around faster and faster every year. It seems like I just had one weeks ago. lol. Just be thankful at 32 you’re still a young ‘un!! Oh mercy what I would give/do to be anywhere in my 30’s again, but to be quite honest on my 30th birthday, I made a pitcher of margaritas, sat in the tub (to mask the salty tears pouring down my face) for 4 hours and was totally shitfaced by the time I got out, so I’m right there with you even “at your age”! Just think of the horrific thought of having 50’s door coming ever so clearly into your view!! Hell, I guess I’ll just have to take comfort in the fact that I’ll receive a free magazine and a bonafide AARP card. A few years after that I’ll start getting senior citizens discounts on my sodas at restaurants. Hmmm, I wonder if those discounts apply to booze?!?!
      Worth checking into😉

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    1. Not belated, today is the day…..I refer to it as B-Day, not B for birth but B for Bitch😊
      Nonetheless thank you so much for the b-day wishes, and I was a wicked, asshole rascal in my 30’s….I don’t know if I could even make it through my 30’s in one piece again. Good Times!! Thanks again❣️❣️

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  1. Happy happy birthday, Bella 🙂 I hope you had a great time, and celebrated this very special day with your loved ones!! I raise my glass to you (well… I’ll do it after work :P) Cheers! And here’s to many many more years to come!! xx

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    1. Thank you kindly, Billy! It was kind of a fucked up day but hubz did what he could to make it as special as possible with hurricane strength weather and no power for 6 hours….oh and a houseful of teenagers.
      Side note: On April 7, 1983, another Great Louisiana flood happened, if I remember correctly as bad as the 2016 flood was here it was only about 1/2 as bad as ‘83. My parents got 6 feet of water in our house. It was my 13th birthday. I have zero superstitious friends due to this.

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  2. Well, I’m late to the party but damn I’m glad you got born!

    I hear ya on the melancholy around “the day” – it’s like all the anticipation of a special day gets run from the time we’re like three until maybe twenty one – and then it’s all “Meh…. people”.

    I’ll imbibe as a penalty for being late. 😜😍

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    1. I’d REALLY, REALLY like you to get shitfaced and high as the entire Wu Tang Clan and then attempt to make me a precious glitterati card that I know that you were FUBAR while making, but I’ll take what I can get! Thank you my sweet, precious LaLa!! Just your sweet words are more than enough for me.
      I’d totally be a low maintenance same sex partner!! 😂😂

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