I’ve Been Told I Need To Be A Lot Less ME

I’m not ladylike enough. I swear to much. I act like I have a penis because I make the whack off motion far to often to not literally have one. I’m rude, crude and obnoxious. I am not a lady in any sense of the word. I turn some that are closest to me, stomachs. Being “too much” me does not sit well with some members of my family to the point that they are ready to disassociate with me.

You win, family. Like you’ve always won. Like you always will win.

I’ll tone it down to be ” a better daughter, mother, wife and grandmother,” since being myself is so horrifically awful.

Gee, I wasn’t aware I was THAT bad. I mean I knew that I had a tiny bit of feces with me but, “Boom, Pow,” I have a BPD meltdown because I ran out of meds, my phone has been off since I overspent a bit on the family fish fry that I wanted to be PERFECT and well, “I must learn somehow that there are consequences and repercussions for my actions.”

Soooooo my kind, encouraging followers, your children may now read my blog if they so choose because to keep the peace from now forward my blog will be G-rated so I can learn to be more of a lady.

Thank you to my peeps in spite of my uncouth, unladylike ways.



  1. People who speak their mind and have no filter are statistically way more trustworthy than those that think and don’t speak. Congratulations! You and my wife could have f-bomber dog (or is it cat) fights. That’s why I love you and your blog—It’s like being at home.

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  2. Don’t you dare change a thing. For all of the “flaws” that have been pointed out to you there is tremendous awesomeness in so much that you do.
    I love how you are and, as you know, I have some knowledge of your condition. Stay profane, my friend

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    • Thanks B, you’re a true friend. Thank God for WordPress and for my “fans” that think I’m A-Okay just as I am.
      I suppose I’ll take it down a notch for proprieties sake within the household and family though.
      How have you been feeling??
      Walking 5 miles yet??
      I walked 11 steps to the fridge yesterday! Haha😂


  3. “Those who mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind.” Family or not don’t let them dull your sunshine! And I mean this next bit with love– you’re older and likely set in your ways. The time for them to be bothered is when there was a chance of being able to “fix” what’s bothering them. 🤷‍♀️ but hey you can’t please everyone everyday and well today and tomorrow just might not be their days. Keep being you doll!

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  4. That’s kind of sad! I like your wildness, you’re different and refreshing, I am, on the other hand, what they say they want you to be, although I am driven to the odd swear word now and again. Be yourself my lovely BB, we all like you that way or we wouldn’t DARN well follow you !!!! Love Lil xx

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    • Thanks my sweet Lil!! That’s the general consensus from my favorite blog family peeps.
      I can maintain a proper balance by being 100% myself on WP, and I guess I’ll try to rein it in for proprieties sake OCCASIONALLY for the fam😉


  5. Just because someone who tells you you’re not ladylike for being who you are, is a douche. Ignore the people who tell you all of that.

    You’re honest and you get straight to the point. And that is what most people lack lately anyway.

    At least you are honest and kind. Always remember, people who want to shut you up because of honesty…they don’t like hearing the truth.

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    • Thank you so very much for that, I’ve never considered it from that point of view. My husband tells me he’s isn’t attracted to me “sexually” because my personality is too mannish!! I don’t even understand what the hell that even means.
      Also thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I’m mostly fine (except on my shitty BPD days which I have zero control over) in my own skin after it taking me well into my 40’s to even feel that way.
      It’s a catch-22, but I’m finally understanding that in order to achieve peace and enlightenment, I MUST love myself and if that means being my true self then so be it😊♥️

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  6. Wait… I want to make sure I totally read that right. Your hubz feels you are too “mannish” (forward, profane, honest, open, cut to the chase) and that makes his wee willie winkie fail? What the ACTUAL FUCK does that even mean? Either he loves you as you are – a wonderful sassy, clever, and caring person, or he wants some Stepford go-bot with machine gun jumblies. Pick one. Personally, I pick you, although I’m not in it for the nookie….

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  7. Wait one moment! I *do* have a penis and don’t make the whack-off gesture. Although, when I play baseball, I feel compelled to adjust publicly. Just carry on being you. I think that is the best way to go through life.

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    • Thanks “V”, I have continued to do so much to my family and husbands dismay. Another thing they think I’m koo-koo about is I refer to masturbating as whacking off for both genders as I personally do not think that it’s a gender specific phrase. I’ve had many heated debates over this over the years😂


      • Ooooh. I never it considered that motion to be genderless. If it were based simply on the motion, then I would have to think that it’s male. But, if it’s a euphemism for masturbation, then it is genderless.


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