A Growing American Crisis: Who Will Care for the Baby Boomers?


If you are currently middle aged and still lucky enough to have your now elderly parents and loved ones and are watching them reluctantly wander into their golden years but aren’t a hundred percent sure what they are so concerned about, read this article that explains exactly why.

Not only are the statistics in this article spot on, they are also terrifying. I’ve been teasing my parents for years because although they are upper middle class, they are two of the most frugal, tight fisted people I’ve ever seen. Perhaps they have been concerned about this looming crisis for years and I’m only just seeing it on the horizon. When I read this article, I was absolutely flabbergasted at the turnover rate of low wage caregivers. I shouldn’t be surprised. My husband works at a long term care facility and he reinforced what I read about the turnover rate of minimum wage caretakers.

As for the government kicking the can down the road. What a fucking shocker!! Everyone in Washington sits idly by finger popping their assholes on Capitol Hill until things that could have been planned for and handled turn into a crisis of such proportions that there is very little that can be done.

Well Senators and Congresspeople here’s an idea: all of that money you want to spend on Medicaid for all, free tuition, free cell phones, free housing, etc., take three quarters of it and dedicate half to Veterans, law enforcement and teachers and the other half to providing for our new senior population that always took care of us.

You assholes would rather give EVERYTHING away for free. Stop giving food stamps and welfare to young able bodied younger people who can work but just won’t. Put some restrictions on that shit. Random drug tests for recipients would be a nice start. Also after ones 8th child with no income, no employment and no desire to be employed, benefits should be slashed if not stopped. So many people are allowed to abuse the system that the ones that truly need the help fall through the cracks and get fucked, fucked, fucked.

Unlike what the dipshits in Washington may think and want to convince Americans is a wonderful idea, uber taxing high incomes, or even taxing the middle class at the current tax rate would not be necessary if the hundreds of thousands of lazy, good for nothing, shiftless fucks would actually go to work and could also be taxed, the problem would almost fix itself within a generation or two.

I’m 47 years old and for the most part, except for that one assault charge in my twenties (but he deserved it) have been a tax paying, law abiding citizen. I’m sick and so tired of getting the short end of the stick because I try to do what’s right and the people that NEVER do what’s right are rewarded for it. It makes me so angry I want to go bitch slap a random millennial, with their give me, give me, give me, shitty attitudes and expectations.

It seems like society is headed for an everyone for themselves crisis to me.

Go ahead sheeple. Trust the government.



  1. I don’t know about your schools, but our HS Government teacher was blunt. “There will be NO Social Security for you. Your parents may get something, but the system is so broken now, you must plan otherwise.” That was 37 years ago…

    We’ve allowed the system to dictate that a college degree is all you need to get a good job – and that isn’t true. Why? Because we’ve dumbed down schooling to the lowest common denominator. standardized testing. Our minimum wage isn’t high enough for one person to live off of, much less the nuclear family of 4+.

    It’s not just the millennials – it’s the Greatest Generation and the Boomers that helped set this up, while generations on down get to try to make sense of it. It’s literally impossible to get a job in this city that isn’t contract – why should the employers pay for benefits when they can get a newly minted college grad to do it for just over minimum? Which in turn, feeds a need for food stamps and stuff, because it isn’t enough to live off of.

    There’s a lot of places things should be streamlined – Congress’s ridiculous ever living perks for starters. More emphasis on making it possible for people not to need three incomes to live as a family did on one. Affordable health care. Realistic goals for education – maybe it’s better if little Tommy doesn’t get a diploma and clutter up the College System. Maybe he should be a janitor. After all… we raised those millennials.

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  2. …. And I have heard no president running on the campaign promise for seniors. This quickly aging generation and the looming crises you rightly identified will be slided under the carpet as usual. Oh well!

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    • It’s a tragedy and a nightmare for those of us that will have zero Social Security that we’ve paid into our entire lives as a safety net when we are older.


      • I have gotten used to so many tragedies in our system and the complacency of others. Awesome and aware people like you are needed to keep us on our toes. Lets make Washington aware of it.


  3. I will take care of myself and hopefully die with my boots on. We’ve taken care of everyone and so it will be with us as well. At least that’s plan A …

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