Slavery: An Affront to Humanity

I have no idea how to start this post, or even title it, as I desperately try not to offend others whom are different faiths, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, political views or opinions. That is why I rarely touch on controversial or sensitive topics on my blog.

Today I woke up and had an epiphany….Topics of controversial or sensitive subject matter almost always starts uneasy conversations. Conversations that we truly need to be having, but in a polite, civilized manner. I know that there are people, due to their ignorance, stubbornness or actual true racism can’t or won’t be a part of these conversations. If they do take part, it is all in venomous vitriol. I will NEVER allow this in my life or on my blog because I absolutely will not read or listen to any ugly, cruel or hurtful comments. My blog family is my family. Period. As my dear readers know, that when you fuck with my family (biological or blogging) that I don’t put up with that shit for a second. I’ve really never had any problems of this sort on WP. Hopefully this is the sight of adults with social graces and civility, so I do not anticipate any problems. If any unanticipated random person DOES become offensive or ugly, I will first eviscerate you thoroughly with my sharp vicious pen/tongue, then block and delete you.

Now that being said, I’d like to tackle an issue that goes hand in hand with a large percentage of racism. Slavery.

Slavery is a very touchy subject to tackle here in America. It is a horrendous, horrific atrocity. When most millennials think about the term slavery, they automatically think of the African Americans forced to come to our country against their will to work for many ignorant, cruel slavemasters because that is the most recent slavery that they can think of.

My heart and soul goes out to anyone, their families, friends, loved ones or ancestors who had to endure such. I would like to say as a Caucasian woman that my ancestors were slaves as well. I have something in common with the people whose ancestors suffered from slavery, if only for the spilled blood of our forefathers long gone. I’ve gone into detail about my Italian heritage, but I’m also 30% German Jew. My ancestors were essentially slaves as well as they were marched into the gas chambers by the hundreds of thousands to meet an untimely, merciless end, just because of the color of their skin, last name or religious affiliation. Hitler and the Nazi’s had an insatiable hatred for others that weren’t exactly like them, so they murdered them. Only a couple of generations ago my relatives, men, women, children, and even babies still clutched tightly to their mothers breast perished. They perished for one mans cruel, insane opinions and insatiable bloodlust.

To this day there is still slavery going on in the Middle East. Mainly due to conflicting religious beliefs.

Slavery is NOT a new problem. It’s been going on since the beginning of time. The main problem with rectifying the situation is that conflicting peoples will sit across a table from one another, smile for the media, shake hands, make small meaningless gestures of “real change”, then NOTHING ever comes of it. If anything the divide gets even larger.

As a Buddhist, I feel that every emotion, action or thought whether evil, great or falling somewhere in between has an opposite and equal response. Balance is the key. More importantly LOVE is. As a very wise man, Montrell Jackson, a former BRPD Law Enforcement officer who was gunned down in a hail of a madman’s gunfire, only a handful of days before losing his life along with three others while protecting and serving the community he so dearly loved, here in Baton Rouge once said, “Don’t let hate infect your heart.” Let that sink in.

Mr, Jackson’s widow and precious toddler son live in our neighborhood and seeing blue porch and flood lights on almost every single house in my neighborhood makes my heart so happy. There is LOVE and compassion out in this world…..we all need to try a little harder and listen a little more closely to the others views and opinions that are different than ours. Earnestly. Kindly. Most importantly with empathy and understanding. I will never give up on love, being a better human being and believing that other people have the ability to do the same if they truly want a better world for the generations to come.


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  1. Keep on writing about the tough subjects.

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    1. I wholeheartedly intend to. I’ve just taken a brief break from political and national news. It was all about to push me towards a breakdown or murderous rampage on Capitol Hill. Since prison stripes are not in my color wheel I decided to err on the side of caution😊

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      1. There ya go girl. Just talk about it, talk it out.

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  2. Billy Mac says:

    wonderful post. You may not delve into the hot topics often, you crush it when you do

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    1. Thanks B, not everyone is as perfectly verbose as yourself. Thank you, I’m flattered💕💕

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      1. Billy Mac says:

        Perfectly verbose? Not sure what to make of that! Lol

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        1. You have a big, long….VOCABULARY!
          Hahaaaaaaa!!! xoxo

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  3. Liz says:

    Well, damn, woman – I think you nailed it all. There has always been some form of slavery in this beautiful world, a way for bigots and the “winners” to keep others down. You know what? It freaking reeks of being weak and scared and ignorant.
    No, Babes – I choose love. I don’t understand the need to be that person, the one who physically holds people down, who does every inconceivable act towards another, who is so small and lost that torturing others is the only answer. I pray, I hope, I really have faith that one day, this will all be distant history.

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    1. Certain things piss me off so much I could blow a fucking gasket. It seems these days everyone is tearing down statues, etc., etc., because it is offensive. I agree with you and think any slavery no matter when or to whom it was is an atrocity. What I don’t agree with is simply erasing our history. Good or bad. Should we tear down the Twin Towers Memorial because it may offend Muslim Americans?? This nation has a history, starting with land grabbing from true NATIVE Americans, but we should not stop talking about the ugly parts of our history. They happened. People should learn about it, remember and have difficult conversations on how to prevent it from happening again. Why are people such whiny overly sensitive Assholes now a days??? Riddle me that🧐


  4. Billy Mac says:

    Did you set that I gave you a challenge today ( plus a shameless plug for your blog)

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