Thin Blue Line Family

Yesterday we buried yet another law enforcement officer, here in Baton Rouge.

Being from a multi-generational law enforcement family and from a family that has lost a member in order to protect the thin blue line (my paternal grandfather was killed in the line of duty when my father was twelve years old), things like this are especially poignant and bittersweet to me. The thin blue line sees no color (like some may say or think), people from ALL walks of life……color, gender, creed, ethnicity and religion protect this beautiful line, and if need be, they will gladly lay down their life for it.

How can ANYONE bash our law enforcement or military service people?!?

These people aren’t Marvel fucking comics or actors making twelve million dollars a picture, these are real, true, flesh and blood heroes that walk among us every day that literally will lay down their life for any one of us for the obscenely small amount of money that they make.

Hey Congress, why don’t you do something that will really make a difference, you self serving, righteous, pieces of old dried up shit…..double the salaries of all law enforcement, veterans, active service people, firefighters, nurses, teachers and first responders across the nation. They have certainly earned it. Many have paid the ultimate price.

In closing, thank one of the above today. Buy their coffee or their meal if you are behind them in line. You have no idea how much these little acts of kindness, mean to these amazing, selfless people.

Corporal Shane Totty, rest easy, sir, this thin blue line family will step up to the plate and see that the young family that you left behind will never want for anything in this life. We’ve got you’re six💙💙


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  1. Liz says:

    You *know* I’m not going to like something where a first responder or military personnel passses. Bless him – and his family.

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  2. God bless him and all that serve, where would this world be without them xx

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  3. RIP, Officer Shane. Thank you for your service.

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