My Son: Future Dr. Superstar M.D.

Student leaders at Louisiana Tech are making sure no-hazing policies and attitudes are enforced.

During my sons undergraduate studies, hazing became a national problem seen on University campuses across the nation. It seemed for a while that every time we turned on the news at night we would hear about another fraternity hazing event that would ultimately cost a young person their life, before it had ever begun.

My son, Payton, during his time at Louisiana Tech University was President of his fraternity, Delta Chi, and during that same time frame was also elected President of the entire Greek Council which oversaw all fraternity and sorority activities on campus.

This is a local news report dedicated to the ongoing hazing crisis and what local campus Greek leaders are saying and doing about it.

This mamma considers her baby boy an absolute celebrity due to his appearance and opinions.

The following is my brilliant sons (no I’m not biased😊) acceptance letter into medical school at Louisiana State University Shreveport. He has wanted to be a cardiac surgeon since he could utter that phrase. He maintained a 4.2 or above throughout elementary, middle and high school then went on to college on a full academic scholarship. There he was on the Presidents list all four years, was Mr. Louisiana Tech, a member of the Homecoming Court, volunteered every summer for four weeks with MedCamps (a special camp for children and adolescents with severe disabilities), held down not one, not two but three jobs and stayed on top of his many extracurricular activities all while keeping his grades up. He graduated with his degree in Pre-Med, Summa Cum Laude, in May 2018. Since then he has been working as a medical intern at TIRR Memorial Hermann hospital in Houston. Needless to say, I am one blessed Mom!

My son will only be twenty three years old on Valentines Day of this year. He has accomplished so very much in those 23 short years that I am absolutely in awe of his dedication, determination and work ethic.

I could not be any prouder if I tried!

Congratulations, my handsome son! Keep your feet on the ground but never keep reaching for the stars!



    • Thanks, Jim, I wish I could take some credit, and it’s also most certainly not from his father who is a misogynistic, know it all, judgmental Pain in the ass😂
      Thank God, he’s just naturally smart😊

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    • Why thank you for all of your super kind congratulations, encouragement and support, Amir.
      You are quickly becoming president of my fan club, but you might have to fight my dear, LaLaLiz for that distinction. LOL😂
      My son is actually my second college graduate… daughter has her masters in Biological Engineering and is only 27 and about to make junior partner at her firm. She also just had her first child (my fourth grandson) and is working on getting her PhD.
      I stressed education their entire lives and both of my children are voracious readers just like Mom. Knowledge IS power😊

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      • I’d love to get to know your fans since our fans sort of carry certain traits of our own that we all share. So, Ms.Superwoman, with all those Superkids… do you plan on taking on the planet earth or is Mars and Venus on your list too? It feels so unreal and still, here you are, a reality. What a wonderful moment when I signed up on WordPress blog to have our paths crossed. The kind of sponge (for knowledge) that you are, I highly doubt you’d share with the rest of the world that much. Pls. write Bella… I want to see more of the world through your insightful eyes.

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  1. As a former Greek (Yeah, you’d never catch me dead with that crowd again) I can tell you that 1) this is nothing new, it’s been a “new” rule since the 80’s at least 2) there will continue to be hazing because “it builds character or shows dedication”, and 3) anyone reporting hazing is booted out of their house. It’s ugly. It can be deadly. It’s damned stupid.

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    • That’s what Payton told me. He said this is hardly a new problem and it probably was considerably worse back in my day because they had very few “rules” in place if any.

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