An Infantile Commie Congresswoman. Just Exactly What We Need During These Tumultuous Troubled Times

Washington Post Fact Checker defends column after Ocasio-Cortez callout: ‘She’s wrong’

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This bitch is a loudmouth koo-koo bird with a birdbrain. How she got elected to the Congress is beyond me. My asshole has more intelligence and also more understanding of how the government works than this fucking nitwit. Go join a dance squad somewhere, AOC, because fair and just politics is obviously not your strong point🤬🤬


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  1. jim- says:

    We see what the last famous Cortez did to open borders. She’s a namesake to carry on tradition.

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    1. She’s an uninformed, shit stirring, nitwit. How she got elected I’ll NEVER know!

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  2. She’s beyond stupid, she won’t last long though. Her ego will write checks reality won’t cash. She’ll end up in some almighty scandal like Weiner did. Sure as eggs is eggs

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  3. I sure hope so!! My asshole had more functionality than this ignorant bitch😂

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