This Mom Is a Badass

I’m selling some shit on Letgo. I’ve met people practically a million times but this time I had some bad mojo and made sure to bring my pepper spray, tire tool, a ten foot link of chain and my trusty samurai sword along for the ride.

Any fools out there who even fathom putting me in a life or death fight or flight meltdown, will, I promise you, come out of this way worse for the wear than I will. This I can assure you.

Anyone that thinks I’m some meek, charming ladylike, delicate thing because of my gender has me fucked up. I WISH some little snot nose asshat would TRY to rob me, because they’d get some act right beat into them until they see the light.


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  1. Liz says:

    Trust your gut. If it feels hinky, pass on it. You don’t need to put yourself in that kind of space.

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    1. I know, sis, but then my inner badass kicks in and I can’t help myself😂😂

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      1. Liz says:

        Your inner badass needs a workout bag to kick and punch and whap around – it’s a lot safer. I don’t want my P.I.C. getting hurt!

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        1. Ha! Why thank you lovely, LaLa, but I don’t foresee myself getting hurt. I’m THAT much of a badass😘😘

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  2. When I sell to strangers, I always:
    Meet them in a public place, that I choose.
    Find out what they drive, so if they look sketchy I can drive away
    Let people know where I’m going
    Carry a firearm (And a knife)
    Say a little prayer…
    Stay safe, young lady!

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    1. Thank you kindly. I grew up in a family full of law enforcement officers and career military, my dad was actually a criminal profiler, so I know to beware but I am super happy to say I have a bit more vicious skill set than an everyday Jane American😊
      Thank goodness because my mouth, after all of these years still gets me in trouble.

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  3. Ooooo Stay safe dear BB, trust your gut xxx

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    1. I will Lil, I’m still hoping to come shrieking out of my car waving my samurai sword above my head😂

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      1. I’d pay money to see that! xx

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  4. Maybe you should just donate it? That would be an interesting conversation? I need my shit to sell.mumma needs new toys! Cheers,H

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