Year of The Hot Mess Express

Sooooooo, I started a list of New Years Resolutions, after two and a half pages (front and back) I decided what in the monkey fuck am I thinking?!?! The reason why this list is so long is because I’m carrying shit over from the past twenty five years. If I haven’t kept said resolutions in that amount of time, I’ve decided that being me is fucking awesome/just awful (depending on which of my “personalities” you happen to grab bag at that particular moment) and that I don’t need any improvement, therefore this year the only resolution I have is to keep being fucking awesome/just awful. Keeping just this ONE will be a piece of cake. My List?? In the circular file where it should have been stored twenty five years ago😂😂

New Years Eve at our new house was perfect and the fireworks show from our own backyard was amazing! I love, love, love being back in the country and I especially love a bunch of rednecks hopped up on Budweiser on New Years Eve who happen to have cornered the market on ALL fireworks in Livingston Parish where we now reside.

Here hold my beer and watch this!! ‘Merica!😂😂😂



  1. Throw those papers in the fireplace girl. They’re more useful that way. I never do resolutions; why set yourself up for failure right off the bat? Resolve to not make resolutions. BAM!! Success already!💖🦸

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  2. Girl, you crack my ass up! You coulda been here in town where every damn fool started lighting that shit up at 7pm, and kept at it until, well – yesterday when it poured. Love you bunches – and you know what – I think we have the same resolution. Sod the fuckwittery!

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  3. I think I actually did make a resolution I can actually achieve! Finish the baileys in my fridge that’s been there the last 2 christmas’s! I even participated in Dry July! Make a list of achievable outcomes? Cheers,H

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