MiMi’s Poo-rannosaurus Rex

My newest grandson is my absolute heart. He’s only ten weeks old but he has “those” looks down to a science. I’m absolutely certain that the look on his precious face in this pic says, “Okay, bitches, you put this dumb shit on me, all of you fuckers have had a considerable amount of hilarity at my expense, now take this god damn, moronic shit off and put me in some normal people clothes!”

BTW, this was one of many outrageous ensembles that MiMi & T-Paw gifted him with for Christmas.

He can thank us later😂😂


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  1. Liz says:

    I *totally* squeaed like a tween when I saw those tootsies! SO stinkin’ cute – and yes, there will be paybacks later.

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  2. Awwww…. he’s such a cutie! I just love the dinosaur jammies! ❤

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    1. Haha!! Thank you so much!!


  3. Ouch!you are making my ovaries hurt! But I’m sure the noise and smells that comes from this one make my ovaries dry up. Would not have guessed you old enough to have grandchildren? Cheers,H

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    1. I know right?!?
      MiMi has his ass spoiled rotten!
      We actually have 4 grandsons. The oldest is 5 and this is the newest at 3 months. I’m going to be 47 in April, my ass is on the backside of 40 and those birthdays roll around faster and faster after each one😱😉😂


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