Thank You Australia For Making This Word Socially Acceptable AND Endearing

Because of this random, newly acquired reason, I do believe instead of moving into our brand new home, I will instead head “down under” because, well obviously I take sick perverse pleasure in using profanity and for a WHOLE country of people to accept one of the most socially unacceptable words in the English language as a fucking endearment, is my kind of place!! I’d fit right in with those crazy cunts!!

Of all of the swear words, any use of the word fuck or cunt is at the top of my “sassy” hierarchy. Finding this out just made this the best day EVER!

So to all my lovely “cunts”, Happy Tuesday, mates💕💕💕



        • I’ve been a huge George R. R. Martin fan since I was eighteen years old and read his first published novel, The Hero, long before the GOT books and ensuing television series was even a twinkling notion rattling around his brilliant mind. You are absolutely right about their plentiful and witty use of the word cunt. I also used to watch a delightfully vicious HBO series called Spartacus and they had an exclamation, Jupiter’s cock, that once I heard it the first time went on to incorporate into my own vernacular😂

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        • If you like GOT, you’ll def like Spartacus. Historical accuracy is questionable, but it’s exactly like I’d like to picture Ancient Rome to have been plus it’s got the added bonus of being late night HBO a/k/a soft core porn. lol

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    • LMAO!! You are so very welcome….I felt it was my civic responsibility to point this out to all of the poor, sad, misunderstood snowflakes in this life that insist on pissing in my Cheerios EVERY single day😂😂

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    • Most people aren’t a fan of this awful word, that’s why I just love, love, love it to bits….for me saying cunt because it is so socially offensive and inappropriate is my own little middle class, middle aged version of anarchy😊


  1. That’s just the best shower of cunting I’ve ever seen! I wish I had a sassy play on the word, but I’m laughing too frigging hard. Cuntastastic! Cuntificent? No idea… 🤣😈💝

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    • My sweet LaLa, I just KNEW if anyone could appreciate the cuntnifigance and sick twisted humor of this post, it would be you….for the record I was laughing so hard when I was typing this post (I was sending you my innermost cunty thoughts about life. Just think of me as Cuntradomus with a sprinkle of telepathic ability thrown in for entertainment purposes) that tears were pouring down my face AND I pee’d a little (okay I pee’d A LOT), to the point of having to change my ensemble from the waist down. Perhaps it’s time I check out the current adult undergarment selections although I’m not sure I’m ready to go there. It Depends😂♥️💯


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