7 Things To Lookout For Before Following A Blog

18 thoughts on “7 Things To Lookout For Before Following A Blog”

  1. When I first started I followed everyone who followed me and I try to go back and scroll through people I don’t see often but it’s time consuming. So I started unfollowing people. People who hadn’t posted in 6+months. People whose posts weren’t appealing to me. Now I am definitely more observant over who I follow and don’t just do it because it seems nice

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    1. You sound like you learned this lesson far more quickly than I. Unfollowing is time consuming and a pain in the butt, when I open my reader I want to see your and a handful of others that I try to follow closely, but it is very difficult to do this when it doesn’t appear in my feed😏😏

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      1. I wish I had learned it quickly. It happened like 6 months ago 🤣

        And aw yay I’m honored to be one of the chosen few! I love the people who post multiple times a day but they clog my feed and I’m like… I don’t want to read the same person for an hour lol

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        1. Oh no I didn’t mean your multiple posts 😝🤣 wait do you post multiple times a day for real? I hadn’t noticed haha but no these people, I swear have a scheduled post every hour on the hour. But yes your profanity and awesomeness is what keeps me around. Its fucking refreshing as hell!

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        2. Hahaaaaa! Guilty as charged never more than about three per day depending on how much shit I have to talk!LOL! I know some of those of which you speak….in my VERY koo-koo bird mind I’m thinking, when do these people even have a chance to take a shit?!?
          Then I read a post and I’m like, my bad, they posted about their deuce! Shocker!! LMAO😂😂

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        3. Me too, sister!! It would leave less time for the pain and misery of fibro and the utter crazy of BPD, PTSD, ADHD and OCD. Being that fucking crazy is exhausting. It doesn’t leave me time to post hourly quotes, and when it comes right down to it, no one really gives a shit about how bad you feel (besides fellow autoimmune disease sufferers, because they KNOW exactly how it feels). I push myself so hard each day to try and “act” more normal, I usually start each day with about negative seven spoons. I don’t have the vision or drive to even schedule those sim bitches. Unless I have a warm fuzzy JD Buzz. Then I have Personality galore and plenty to say😂

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    1. You are so very welcome, it was a brilliant post. I’m sorry I’m still fairly new to WP and have no idea how to add your link into my posts yet to give you due credit. I just bought WP for dummies on my Kindle so I hope that it will familiarize me with WP a little more.

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  2. I fell into that same trap! Now I only read a handful of them. I don’t care if they follow me back or read my entries, either. The same happened with me with Instagram.

    I also removed the Like button today 👍

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