Getting Blasted for Cultural Appropriation Has Gone Mainstream

I’ve recently read numerous articles of racial and/or cultural appropriation. I’m a bit confused why certain people are whipped into a frenzy because Kevin Hart had a cowboys and Indian themed birthday party for his ONE year old son. Same thing goes for the notorious Kar-Jenner’s wearing braids, etc.

If Kevin Hart’s one year old or even the dreaded Kartrashians were doing it to be racially insensitive, I could totally understand the outrage, but at 46 years old I have played cowboys and Indians more times than I can remember, and as a small child it was based on what I saw on cartoons or on TV, not historical accuracy.

Cue the Kar-Jenner’s. Even though there is no love lost between myself and these attention whores, I personally think that it’s a lot less racially insensitive of them as some tend to believe because almost all of them are either married to or dating an African American man. Could they perhaps be copying these styles to appreciate their significant others heritage?!?

Caucasian American women have been getting spray tans, perms and more recently butt implants for years…… look more like whom????

African American woman have been straightening their hair and using skin lighteners for about the same amount of time……to look like whom?!?

I don’t think the practice of these things in general have gotten offensive, I think that society as a whole has turned into a bunch of cry baby bitches, that use EVERY fucking thing possible to be offended about. It’s absolutely fucking ridiculous to me. If I call all millennials a blizzard of damn snowflakes am I being racist, bigoted, homophobic or culturally insensitive?!?

Guess what? I don’t give a shit what you “snowflakes” think!

One more thing before I go, to all of my African American lady friends, I am so so jelly of you being able to grow and wear an Afro. As far as I’m concerned they are fucking GLORIOUS. From a generation of the higher the hair, the closer to Jesus generation, they really speak to me!! Hallelujah!!

TTFN y’all!! Happy Friday!!💕💕


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  1. You nailed it girl. Sex sells and when it doesn’t, then they cry!!!

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    1. It’s ridiculous!! I mean seriously, one kind find racism in just about anything if one looks hard enough….but who wants to be that negative ALL of the time? Apparently plenty of people. A bunch of happiness and love sucking fucks if you ask me😊

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      1. Exactly, they hate themselves. Misery loves company.

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        1. Well they can love it their asses far, far away from me! Lol! I’m about love and forgiveness and coming together so I’m not falling for “their” shit!😉😉😉

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        2. Whoa, I’m an ass man! Where de at girl!!!

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        3. Right down here in the dirty South, yo! Baton Rouge, holla😂😂

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        4. Don’t you mean soufh?

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        5. Yep I suppose so, except when we were getting the brakes beat off our asses as kids it was referred to as “a a good ole dirty south country ass whomping.”
          Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my southern heritage. Baton Rouge, NOLA, Shreveport and everywhere in between I LOVE them and the super friendly people here down south. I mean no disrespect to anyone or anything calling it the dirty south……that’s just the thing that pops to my mind along with the word south, because I got an excessive amount of those ass whompings myself, the little angel that I was and all😊

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  2. Besides if I called it soufh, being lightly toasted (I’m Italian so I’m not completely the color of a cracker….well unless it’s a Ritz), I may god forbid, offend someone😂


  3. Yessss can we say this louder for the people in the back!?

    Around Halloween I heard a (white) mom tell her daughter she couldn’t be Moana. Like what!? I personally think it’s awesome you wanna be Moana. Mulan. Tiana. Like give me a break people. I could care less is Billy dresses up as Lil Wayne or Susan gets her hair braided.

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    1. I dressed up in a sheet with eye holes cut out one year when I was a child….no I didn’t end up in the KKK nor am I racist in any way, shape or form. I dressed up as a male hobo with a broomstick and a red bandanna tied to the end of it….was I being culturally insensitive to the homeless? I dressed up as a clown one year and god forbid I wore whiteface….is that okay because I’m Caucasian?!?
      I’ve even dressed as Slash from Guns-N-Roses in high school…..did I offend any transgender or cross dressing individuals? I think not, because back in our day we were not cry baby bitches about every single tiny thing. It was childhood innocent fun and should be left as such. Too many people get offended by entirely too many things these days. It’s absolutely ridiculous!

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      1. 🤔 the sheet thing… you were a ghost yes? I mean I dressed up as Britney Spears era Baby One More Time and I think more people were upset my mother let me wear that outfit over me not being white 🤷‍♀️ I just don’t get it.

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        1. I don’t understand it either….I would only get a smudge offended if someone referred to me as a cracker. Not because I’m bothered not because it pokes fun of my race but because I didn’t get the Saltine hue of which I assume someone who was trying to offend me would be referring, but because I’m more of a medium toast color because of my Italianness😂😂

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        2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 medium toast color. I’m going to start using that!

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        3. LMAO, if I MUST be referred to as a cracker, I hope one at least calls me a Ritz cracker, because I like to be fancy and the color matches me waaaaay better! LMAO!😂

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  4. Marvelous darling BB! and right on the money! Love Lil xx

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    1. Thanks sweet Lil💕💕

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