My Family Puts The Dysfunction In Dysfunctional Family

I made it through a nerve racking holiday with my dysfunctional family with a minimum of hiding in my old closet in the fetal position, having a panic attack. Jesus Christ, all of those fuckers get worse every year. I wanted to claw my own eyes out of my face……but my son came in from Houston, my daughter, son-in-law and my brand spanking new grandbaby gathered there so it wasn’t all bad. I love all of their faces so much♥️My Husband has been being totes awesome because he knows holidays are a trigger for me. I’m also DEFCON-5 with anxiety about the move. Delighted about the house but the mere notion of packing up and do the act of moving. It makes me shudder.

I saw my mother-in-law, my stepbabies and my other three grandsons, so at the end of the day, I do have many blessings and plenty to be thankful for.

I’m thankful for this picture of my “baby” holding his baby nephew💕💕My heart is just bursting with love!!


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  1. Liz says:

    And when YOU have YOUR lovely house, you get to decide who does (and doesn’t!) get Holiday time.

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    1. I can’t frigging wait either💕

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  2. Awe, absolutely gorgeous baby, lucky you! x

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    1. Yep, hims my little turkey! lol! He’s such a sweetheart though!

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